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Every family deserves a quality funeral service.

At Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory, the best doesn’t have to cost you more; it actually will cost you less. Not only do we have the most affordable funeral package in   St. Joseph, we also offer financial assistance through the newly established “Grief Care Fund”.

What is it?

The Grief Care Fund was created to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors has access to the exceptional level of care associated with the Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory brand. Our funeral home provides quality care to individuals, regardless of their ability to pay. We established the Grief Care Fund to help residents of our service area, with limited financial resources, pay for their funeral arrangements.

Why do we do it?

Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory is committed to helping families heal following the loss of a loved one. We will never turn a family away because of cost. Our funeral home prides itself on working with families to provide a quality funeral service befitting of their loved one. Every family deserves a meaningful funeral service that fits into their budget. We invite you to compare, not only prices, but service, flexibility and facilities. We have already done the shopping for you and assure that Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory has the most affordable options in St. Joseph.

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Where can I find out more information?

Financial assistance options and payment plans are Need-Based on several factors as determined by guidelines provided by the Grief Care Fund and consideration of specific family situations or emergencies. Since many deaths are unexpected, Funeral and Cremation Advisors are trained to help you navigate the financial responsibility for your arrangements and find a solution that is best for you and your family.

“We promise you that we will do whatever it takes to serve your family in a personal way. We have never turned a family away because of cost. WE WILL find a way to serve you.”

For more information about financial assistance offerings, please go to our Financial Aid page or contact 816-232-3366 and ask about our Grief Care Fund.

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