Financial Aid

Financial Aid

For some families the financial burden at the time of death can be a serious obstacle to begin healing.

Our financial aid program is meant to ensure that anyone who wants a funeral service for a loved one is afforded that opportunity. This doesn’t mean that the funeral will be free, but it does mean that if families choose Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory we will make sure that the appropriate services are provided to best suit their needs. Whether it's a simple cremation or traditional funeral with burial, the unexpected costs can be a challenge for families. Understanding how financial aid decisions are made is the first step toward covering these expenses. Below is information on financial aid and our Grief Care Fund.


What is Financial Aid?

"Financial aid" refers to the various forms of monetary assistance that are available to families to help them pay for the costs of funeral services of a loved one. Families are expected to contribute as much as they are able toward the cost of their funeral services. Financial aid is then available to fill in the remaining gap. All families we serve that are in need of financial assistance qualify for, and receive some form of, financial aid.

"Need" Calculations

Each family’s needs are different; there is no magical financial aid formula that fits everyone; that is why we work with each family individually to determine their desires for services and the "Expected Family Contribution" or EFC. A family’s "need" is generally calculated by subtracting the families EFC from the cost of the desired funeral services. Although the general formula discussed above is based on the costs of the funeral services desired and your EFC, in the end we turn no family away...

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